Featuring Peel and Stick Posters - Easy to Remove, Reposition, and Reuse, over and over again!

What is Peel and Stick?

An all-in-one solution.

Tired of damaging your walls when you put up posters? Tired of paying for expensive frames? You put up a poster, then change your mind and want it somewhere else?

Then try Peel and Stick Posters! They are the perfect solution.

We use Advanced Wall Cling Adhesive for our Peel and Stick Posters. That means you can...

• Put these posters on your wall without nails, frames or tape. They mount perfectly flat.

• Rearrange them easily at anytime. No hassle or adhesive residue.

• Store them without fear of ripping or crinkling. They last Forever - Guaranteed!

• Enjoy Forever, with fade-free color printed on sturdy fabric. An excellent investment.


It’s easy—Just peel and stick!

At P-R Posters, we’ve been searching for the best way to mount posters easily. When we tried this revolutionary new product, we knew we found the answer. It’s simple to use. Sturdy. And lasts a lifetime. Just remove the film on the back, position and stick. That’s it!

It’s durable—Better than vinyl!

Other posters of this type are printed on vinyl. These tend to crack, crease and break with use. Our posters are printed on flexible fabric. That gives the posters a rich, bold appearance, without the problems of vinyl.

It’s dependable—It lasts forever!

Our posters are printed with quality in mind. Their colors will never fade. They can be used indoors or outdoors. And they are all backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Give them a try; you have nothing to lose but wall space!

With or Without a Frame Image Border

Each design is available in English or Spanish. You can also choose to have a lovely frame image border included. This presents the feeling of a framed wall print.